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My non-profit and I have been working with Sam Cohen at Balboa Web Solutions for several years. His agency has done outstanding work for us as webmaster for our site, setting up and managing online and in-person events, doing our data analysis, and recently doing podcasts for us. I’d highly recommend Sam and his team!

Barb Munro

SIM San Diego

Exceptional attention to detail, forward thinking with proactive possibilities and impressive response time. I highly recommend Samuel and Balboa Web Solutions.

David B.

Abundant Life


Balboa Web Agency maintains the website for our Newcomers Club of Carlsbad. Samuel is very knowledgeable and it’s always a pleasure to speak with him. Great company to work with and we highly recommend their work!

Micaela N.​

Carlsbad Newcomers Club​

I needed a new website for my business and before any commitment on my side, Sam put together a home page after meeting with him to discuss what I liked and did not like about my existing website. It shows confidence when a company will actually put work into something to earn your business…

Judy E.​​



Samuel has been my webmaster for a couple of years now. He totally redid my website design, hosting, you name it. If it was possible to be more than 100% satisfied, I’d say it.
I’ve been in business since 97′. He’s the best I’ve had so far.

Ruben R.​

Extreme Power Gym


I never heard about Balboa Web Solutions before. I needed help to put together our website and did a search on Google. We found a few but their starting prices were way too high for us. Then we called Balboa Web Solutions and spoke to Samuel who was very responsive. He quickly put together our main Home page exactly the way we wanted within just a few days for … just $99.00! That was impressive to us and consequently we are now asking Samuel to do our next pages of the website. So far very happy with Balboa Web Solutions.

Dovan N.

Seafood Island


These guys manage my junk removal company and lead generation. After issues with previous webmasters I was in desperate need of people that can get the job done right. We saw our leads heavily increase and our website got a nice overhaul. Extremely satisfied and Samuel was always keeping me up to date with what was going on.

Gabe A.

Tidy-Up Junk Removal


I really should give him a one star review to keep people from finding him. We have worked with Samuel for nearly a year and honestly I don’t know what we would do without him. He is smart, funny, willing, reliable and very able to do every crazy thing we have asked of him- day or night (literally!). He is our best kept secret.

Renee K.

Popup Pet Shop

These guys are the best! Our popup shop needed a temporary website and nothing could have been easier. They even helped with our old wordpress site and had business cards done. Finally some web guys that were not overseas!!

Michael N.

La Verne, CA


I was referred to these guys by their sister company, and I have to say I’m BLOWN AWAY by them. I was very scared to get a website for my business (financial advisor) as I’ve never had one before, and they walked me through it, teaching me how it’s just normal business transferred onto screens. They got it done within about a week, and at first it wasn’t quite what I wanted so they redid it to my specifications. I don’t know anything about keeping up the website so they’re taking care of that for me too.


Edsel L.

Carlsbad, CA


I feel so lucky to have found Samuel. He did exactly what I wanted, really fast and for a fair price. He is very knowledgeable and answer all your questions. If you need anything web related, call Balboa Web Agency!!!!

Belinda R.

Carlsbad, CA


My boss needed a website made ASAP, so we ended up using this company because the price was right, and they sounded like they could deliver on time. It ended up going great!

After they were finished my boss asked them to put in some “flashy” extra stuff (animations, transitions, etc) and they didn’t charge her anything to do it, because they said it was still part of the job. I think that’s nice that they don’t nickel and dime their customers. My boss also asked that the mobile site look pretty different, and they did a great job on that as well.

If I ever need a job done in the future I’ll probably be coming back to this company. To anybody who’s thinking about using them make sure to ask for Sam, he did a great job helping me and I would really enjoy working with him in the future!

Rebecca N.

San Diego, CA


I’m pretty picky when it comes to my websites, and I don’t settle for anything less than the best. I fired my last two internet designers because they simply couldn’t get the job done and keep in contact with me. They can say I’m picky all they want, but in the end I’m the client, aren’t I? 😛

What really got me was when I talked to these people on the phone, they told me that a lot of their clients have had negative experiences with other designers, and they said that they wanted to be flexible. Honestly that impressed me quite a bit! Within a couple of weeks I had a site that I’m still proud of today!

Rui J.

Lakewood, CA


I needed a website made for my dropshipping business, and I didn’t want a template that just looked like every other site. I sat down with these guys and they helped me figure out the kind of website I wanted. Within a week they made me a fully functional site that was exactly what I wanted.

Then I realized that what I wanted wasn’t what I expected I would want, so I wasn’t too happy with the final product. They didn’t care, and remade the site from scratch to fit my standards. They charge by the job instead of by the hour, which impressed me as this was a lot more work than they quoted, but ate the cost anyways.

I’ve already gotten a lot of compliments on the design, and even a few copycats (mockery IS the best form of flattery). It’s been a couple of months now and both their initial service and followup have been pretty great. Will definitely use them in future projects

Nick L.

Poway, CA


These guys save lives. Period. Initially I thought that getting a website made was going to cost around 2k. I started calling around and companies were giving me ridiculous estimates that I wouldn’t be able to pay if I lived a million years! I kept shopping around and I landed with these guys who worked around my budget and still got me what I needed. It was a lot of work communicating needs and getting all of the content together, but honestly this is one of the most worthwhile things I’ve done in a long time. I can’t help but smile and feel prideful every time I go to my site, because it really is mine and it’s one of a kind for sure. High value service at a pretty reasonable price, there’s no other way of describing it. Getting a website really is an investment.

Julie F.

Long Beach, CA


I’ve actually used these guys for two websites in the past, and both times it’s come out great! One was an eCommerce and the other was a straight Wordpress for a side business I have. Both times I came in with a mockup of exactly what I wanted and I got exactly what I wanted, not “close” to what I wanted… Exactly. I’ve worked with a lot of devs and designers in the past and these guys are top notch! Great job all around.

Paul A.

Norwalk, CA


I got burned by some company in India for my first website, and less than a year later the site simply didn’t work and there was no way to edit the Wordpress. When I started looking for a new web designer I was EXTREMELY skeptical of everyone I came in contact with. A friend told me to use Straight Line and it turned out to be a great recommendation! The job ended up being a bit more complex than originally described, and they worked tirelessly to make sure that I got EXACTLY what I wanted. At the beginning I sent them a mockup of what I wanted and the final product looks just like it! Plus it’s a well made Wordpress theme so I can easily edit it whenever I want. The price wasn’t too low but it ended up being SUPER SUPER worth it. 10/10 would recommend again 😛

Mackenzie A.

Santa Rosa, CA


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