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Project Walkthrough

A Transparent Look At Our Process

The following is an in-depth look at our "average" project. While every project has different needs, this will give you a better idea of exactly what we do.

Domain Name

$12/year at-cost

The first step is securing a domain name ( We walk you through this process at cost and use our past experience to guide you through the cheapest and most secure platform. We use which provides a domain with privacy security for $12 a year. You have the option of storing the domain yourself or having us handle it for you.

Professional E-Mail

$6/month per email at-cost

Getting an email address with your new domain is easy. We promptly provide you with however emails you want at-cost. Did you know you can have [email protected] and log in through Gmail for just $6 a month? Not only can we set your email up but can provide support with things like email forwarding, signatures, email filtering/folders & more. Let us focus on the annoying tech stuff while you focus on your business!

Website Design

$40/hour - Total Cost Varies

The first topic we will discuss in your free consultation is addressing any concerns you have with your current website or potential issues you want to avoid. The next topic will be brainstorming design ideas. Armed with this information we set out to create a homepage draft. You do not pay a cent if you don't like our drafts. While we are confident we can tweak it to your liking, we always leave the option to back out at this point. At the end of the day a majority of our clients come to us with issues from the past and our #1 goal is to be the web guys you dream of.

"Wow, that sounds great! So how much does it cost?" We break down our costs in another section. Skip head

Beyond Web Design

We aim to be your connection to the online world by managing the following services so you don’t have to.  This is included in our hosting services.

  • Google Search Console
  • Local Listings In Directories
  • Local Service Ads
  • Google Advertising
  • Google Analytics

What Makes Us Different

How are we different from the “other guys”? We understand the problems that clients have to us with and created our services to remedy them. These issues include:

My last web guy disappeared and I lost all access to the website

Not only do we ensure you own your domain name but also immediately provide a full backup of the website so you can rest assured your investment is secured.

I’m sick of contacts that I can’t escape from. Our last website was $10,000 and was a legal struggle.

All of our work is based on the hour and what we work on is discussed in full. No surprises and no contracts! We happily set hourly breakpoints so you can feel comfortable with the work we do. Your project lead is always a call away!

I think our guy is secretly outsourcing work overseas. The work is done so slowly and communication is far in-between.

This is a growing concern and one of the reasons I (Samuel) started this business. For some strange reasons websites became known just for being this global web of internet. However if you have a local business you need someone who knows the virtual landscape and can get you noticed. It’s also just plain refreshing to know we are nearby!

We aim to be your connection to the online world by managing the following services so you don’t have to.  This is included in our hosting services.

How We Charge

The question on everyone's mind "How much will my website cost?"

While it heavily depends on many different factors we can start by at least giving a range to help you reach an informed decision. Below are requests we have received and our best estimate of cost.

I'm selling a book and just need one simple page that won't get hacked and I can easily edit.

This similar request has resulted in websites that cost between $350 - $650.

I'm starting a brand new home service business and need everything you offer. Google ads, SEO, business cards & more but have a tight budget. What are my options?

When presented with an overload of "website" information we can help you allocate your budget efficiently. Sometimes SEO isn't the #1 priority with a low budget, and instead should focus on Google Ads to get the leads rolling in first. We have laid the groundwork out for home service businesses for as low as $750 but generally clients settle on an average cost of $1500 for these larger projects. Generally more pages gives you more power on Google but of course, takes more time.

I have an existing 15 page website that I like the look of but the website does not work and possibly hacked.

Unfortunately this situation is all too common. These are the steps we first look at to determine the cost.

  • Can the website be saved “as-as”

Sometimes it's possible to remedy the issue by finding the source of the issue. We make sure to check all the boxes and find the lowest cost & most effective method.

If the website can’t be saved it can be recreated (sometimes nearly identically) and a change of hosts will most likely be needed. A standard sized website will most likely cost $600 to recover.

I run a non-profit and need someone to help post events on our website and keep an eye on it

We would charge our hourly rate of $40/hour

Business Cards, Yard Signs? We have you covered.

Now that we are creating a new website or reimagining an existing one you might need new business cards. Stop stressing over getting different companies to help with every little thing you need. We can match your new design with new cards. Take a look at our card for example!

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